Making your meetings special is what makes us tick.

//..Project management

Creating a great communication is all about planning, timing, attention to detail and team work.

fourimpact specialise in understanding your needs, working with you to put a plan in place, assembling the right team and delivering - flawlessly, on time, on budget.


//..Content development

Sometimes you just need face time with your people but that is no excuse for poorly thought out communication.

Our team have extensive experience in uncovering, understanding and adjusting your messages to leave your audience informed, enthused and empowered to act.


//..Presentation training

Standing on stage, alone in the spotlight. It`s sink or swim, do or die. Don`t leave it to chance.

Both during the event planning process and via dedicated courses, we quickly and clearly assess your performance and work with you to improve. Our facilitators work on body language, eye contact, nerves, interaction and pace, crafting excellence.


//..Event production

Form follows function but function can be greatly influenced by form.

fourimpact bring with them the knowledge gleaned from a broad spectrum of events, ensuring that the environment and facilities are not simply adequate but enhance the experience of your guests.

//..Media production

Effectively telling your story does not mean it`s all talk talk talk.

The correct use of video, new media, interaction, group activity and live action can provide either the perfect vehicle for, or an energising element within, a communication. fourimpact involve experts within each media to ensure the mix is always just right.


//..Delegate management

Delegate Management is more than booking a hotel and sending out a few emails. Do it badly and your audience will remember more about the cold cup of coffee than your amazing keynote speech.

Our delegate management team know the perils and pitfalls of large groups and integrate with our production team to ensure the show doesn`t stop when the meeting ends.